We do cheese.

Good old favourites like cheddar, parmesan, and stilton, created in an entirely new way. Our cheeses have the tanginess of mature cheddar or the nuttiness of a parmesan. And they bubble, ooze, and stretch just like we’d expect. But they’re healthier and more sustainable, so they’re better – for us and our planet.

Better in
every way

Better in
every way

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Greenhouse gas emissions
Water usage
Hormone & antibiotic-free

How we do
our cheese

It all starts with casein.

What’s casein?, you may ask. It’s the all-important protein found in milk that makes cheese ooze and taste cheesy.

Our scientific smarts kick in.

Using something called precision fermentation, we create a casein that’s 100% animal-free. To make enough casein, we use large stainless-steel fermenters. And, just like beer brewing, we feed our yeast water and sugars.

We get traditional.

Taking our casein we add plant-based fats, sugar, minerals and a pinch of salt. We then follow cheese-making techniques that have been perfected over centuries.

The result.

A cheese that melts, is munchable, moreish and more – it’s better for our health and our planet. It’s all round better.

Why stop at cheese?

There are no limits to what we can do with dairy. Ice cream, chocolate, yoghurt – there’s more to come…

Better How?

Sustainability. It’s the word on everyone’s lips.

Dairy, the food in everyone’s mouths. And our appetite for it is growing with an expected rise of 33% by 2033. Here’s how we can live in a world with both.

Precision fermentation creates the same cheese we can’t stop munching on, but is less gassier, less thirstier, less crueler than traditional dairy.


Less greenhouse gas emissions


Dairy farming creates the equivalent of over 2bn tonnes of CO2 a year. We can reduce over 95% of these.


Less water used


Cheese uses the most water of any food. But by using precision fermentation we can reduce water use by over 90%


Less Cows


There are 270m dairy cows in the world. We can stop their suffering.

Now isn't that ?

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