asked questions

Hungry for more info or something you can’t quite get your head around? Hopefully you’ll find the answer here.

What’s animal-free dairy and how’s it different to plant-based?

Animal-free dairy is a newly launched category. Like traditional dairy, it uses dairy proteins for the same flavours and textures. And like plant-based products, no animals are used in its production.

What’s precision fermentation?

Precision fermentation builds on the process seen in traditional fermentation, like in beer brewing. The precision part is tweaking the yeast and funghi, so instead of producing say beer or sake, they are trained to produce other proteins, like milk proteins. These proteins are molecularly identical to those found in milk so you can’t tell the difference. You’ll also find precision fermentation in the production of medicines, such as insulin, and in food – from flavouring to baby formula.

Is your dairy ok if I’m lactose intolerant?

Yes. Lactose is the major sugar found in milk and traditional dairy. But we’ve replaced lactose with a more easily digestible sugar, so everything we make is lactose-free, but tastes just as great.

What’s milk made of?

Milk is a combination of dairy proteins, fats and sugars suspended in water. Each dairy product is then a subset of these. So, butter is dairy fat and cheese is some of these proteins, fats and sugars.

What’s casein and why is it so important?

Casein is one of the major proteins found in milk and almost all of the protein found in cheese. We call it a ‘wonder protein’ as it gives cheese its melt, stretch and flavour. It’s also what gives ice cream its creaminess. Up until now, the only source of casein has been mammals’ milk, but that’s all changed with Better Dairy.

What are yeast and fungi?

Yeast and fungi are microorganisms. With the natural process of fermentation, they convert one thing (like sugar or starch) into another thing (such as alcohols or edible proteins). A good example is baker’s yeast, which converts sugars into carbon dioxide and ethanol, causing bread to rise or beer to be brewed.

I’m a vegan. Can I eat Better Dairy?

Absolutely. No animals whatsoever are used to make our dairy.

Does your food contain GMOs?

Nope. You won’t find any GMO’s in our foods.

Where to find our product?

We are still brewing away, please keep an eye on website and social channels for further updates.

Does our product contain casein from cows?

The products that we are bringing to market are completely animal free. (100% cow free) But for testing and product development purposes, we occasionally use casein from cows milk.