Be bold. Be kind.
Be resilient.

These were our founding values back in 2020. Since then, we’ve raised over $20m in funding. And today, we’re a team of more than 25 scientists, technologists, and food lovers with a vision. Inventing, fermenting and perfecting a better future for dairy from our base in Hackney (London).


At Better Dairy, we have a vision.
A world where everything tastes .
And our vision starts with cheese.

Cheese that tastes better not only for its tanginess or its mmm..iness,

but because it’s better for our bodies. With no hormones and lower cholesterol. It’s for our planet with minimal impact on the environment.

And it’s better for animals (no cows were harmed in the writing of this).

Cheese created with our scientific smarts, the power of technology and a bit of precision fermentation.

But our vision doesn’t stop here.

From cheese we’ll evolve to all dairy, then to a world where everyone can eat food that’s tastier, healthier and more sustainable.

Now isn’t that ?

Our vision has been written
about and talked about

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